Provides induction training for doctors in different locations across the UK mapped to specific roles

Consistent approach to induction content to avoid repetition of learning when doctors rotate

Option for doctors to access the programme prior to commencement of post

The aim of the VIP is to unify medical induction curriculum. Customisable pathways allow for different timescales and modules. Currently there are 47 modules available on the pathways but modules can be added where appropriate.

Powerful administrative tools make it easy to check on the compliance rates which are broken down by grade, specialty or location.

Modules are laid out under timescales which dictate to users when they should be completed. This allows learners to plan when they have to complete their material.

For administrators and educators, this makes sure that the amount of e-learning material remains manageable.

Administration / Supervisory staff can keep track of the doctors progress with quick access to pathway summary and exceptions reports.

Pathway content is selected to focus on areas relevant to clinical staff. This reduces the time doctors are out of service.

Modules have been re-developed by subject experts to be generic for use in each board / trust, and includes contextualised video scenarios for doctors.

Learning is split into timescales for easy management; each timeframe alerts the user when modules are due, with non-completions being flagged for supervisor action.

Manage mandatory learning across different locations, specialties and grades